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Andis Blade Care Plus Andis 7 In 1 488ml

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to rest until the next use. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Be careful when applying any product on the blades, the oil can reach the engine and damage the machine. Use a small amount of material and be careful not to put the machine in such a position that we favor the oil or liquid to reach the engine. Dry well after applying any product. 

TIP: Once or twice a year or if you will not use the blades in a while put the blades in a 7-in-1 bath for a few hours. Dry well, then apply oil and store.


Andis Company traces its roots back to when Mathew Andis was working at Mitchell Motor Car Company in Racine as a tool maker and he decided to leave and start his own business. John Oster and Henry Meltzer came to his home and asked to be partners. Andis O M Manufacturing was born around 1920-21. Soon their tool and die company had been contracted to make tooling to produce clipper blades for a hand operated non-motorized hair clipper. This partnership only lasted about a year. When the three split, each started his own company in Racine, Wisconsin. Meltzer started Master Appliance/MAMCO, and Oster started John Oster Company. Andis quickly developed the Andis electric clipper and began Andis Clipper Company and that eventually evolved into Andis Company of today, which was officially incorporated in the year 1922. Racine was a hot bed for electrical motors, specifically with the invention of the fractional HP motor. Local companies with the likes of Hamilton Beach, InSinkErator, Dremel and Andis, used this technology to make blenders, food waste disposers and rotary tools.

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